Pros and Cons Of Hostinger Web Hosting

Introduced in the year 2011, Hostinger is one of the most leading web hosting service providers in the world, offering services to offer 29 plus million users all across the globe.

 The shared hosting plan is by far the best one offered by Hostinger; they are affordable and are extremely easy to set up. Moreover, it offers a wide range of web hosting plans suiting the needs of business of each type. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of certain pros and cons that will help you understand whether or not Hostinger is an ideal option for you

Pros and Cons of Hostinger

Pros of Hostinger

Content delivery network

There are certain complications with each hosting, which makes it difficult to analyze the performance of any website. 

Keeping aside major factors like uptime guarantee, there are many other additional factors that need to be considered, especially the geographic location of the server. 

With content delivery network coming into the picture, it becomes easier as it spreads out the content on various servers and permits greater access to the users of the website in order to access your content at the earliest


Hostinger’s dashboard is known for providing extensive features. 

However, they are known for covering the basics as well, which includes management of billing information, redirections, adding a new website to the plan, tracking the usage of the resources, and see all the detailed metrics of your website. 

With Hostinger’s dashboard, you can see all your services and plans in your centralized place, which includes VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated server hosting. 

You can easily monitor the notifications that will lead straight to your current account.

Website builder

Developing a website has become way too easier, all thanks to Hostinger’s user-friendly website builder. You will not have to spend on the developers for developing a professional-looking website. 

Hostinger’s website builder is a tool available on their panel for shared hosting plans regardless of the specific plan you opt for. The website builder is known for providing 200 plus templates; these templates are elegant, modern, and clean looking for websites of any kind. 

The other features of website building provided by Hostinger include mobile responsiveness, a plugin for adding videos, social media platforms, acceptance of payments, and much more capability with e-commerce tasks and the drag and drop interface of the website builder avoids the need of coding language for developing the website.

Control Panel

Web hosting plans offered by Hostinger except for the WordPress hosting plan use a customized version of cPanel, which is an industry-standard panel. 

Similar to Cpanel, Hostinger’s hpanel will ensure that there is no trouble cost. Being a user-friendly control panel, it aims to provide multiple benefits to its users, which includes access to regular backers, easy management of files, easy to use graphical interface, easy setup, management of databases, and easy to use app management.

Numerous data centers

Listing of multiple data centers ensuring that the customers enjoy the lowest latency and reliability as they are globally connected tire three data centers. 

The company has centers in seven regions, namely UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, and Lithuania.

One-click installation 

Hostinger is also known for offering one-click installation services to its clients. You can now install content management systems in just a few clicks

Money-back guarantee

Similar to the majority of the web hosting provider, Hostinger is also known for offering the standard 30- day money-back guarantee policy. In case you’re not satisfied with the services of by the hosting plan that you have opted for, then feel free to claim your money back; however, they are certain exemptions; transfer of the domain names and redemption fee cannot be refunded. 

The money will be refunded for all the hosting plans except for the first payment you make after your free trial, transfer of domains except, and for SSL certificates.


Giving utmost priority to the security of a website, Hostinger is known for offering a wide range of security features. The company will keep track of DDoS attacks, response, and uptime the features of the potential to detect the threat immediately and take necessary actions from stopping them from attacking the website. 

The security policy increases the safety of the website by changing them to https. The website platform will be accepting the SSL certificate from third-party web hosting sites, which includes the encryption service of let’s encrypt. 

Additionally, the company has hardware firewall protection that uses very stringent settings for security purposes. In order to level up the security, you can even consider opting for two-factor authentications.

Customer support team

Another strong reason for obtaining Hostinger hosting service provider is there an excellent level of customer support available 24/7. You can reach out to them via ticket support, live chat, and email support. 

In case of non-emergency, you can post them on the company’s forum on their website as well. All the forums are under constant monitoring, and you will occasionally see responses from the staff in addition to those of other users. 

The company is known for sending responses 15 minutes; additionally, tutorials are also offered using DNS, VPS, WordPress, email, Drupal, Joomla, Website, SSL, and MySQL.

Cons of Hostinger 

Account for live chat

Initially, this will not cause any trouble. However, as you move into it, the inconvenience will become clear to you. 

For instance, being a first-time customer, you will have a few questions are you would light to be answered in real-time, or you might be looking to enquire about website migration services where are you could ask a representative with the live chat for the companies you are hosting, you will have to go through the standard emailing process which is time-consuming.

No cPanel

cPanel is the industry-standard control panel known for its user-friendly interface that is extremely easy to understand and work with our costing and has come up with its customer is control panel titled h panel which is slightly complicated when compared to c panel and for beginners understanding and working with his final could be time-consuming. 

Also, hPanel makes website migration a tougher topic. No doubt, the dashboard provided by Hostinger is pretty much well-built. However, it would be better to have cPanel inclusive. 

Unusual refund terms

Many of the hosting company is known for offering the standard money-back guarantee policy. 

However, with Hostinger, there are few unusual circumstances coming to the refund policy that you need to be aware of- Domain name renewals, privacy protection, redemption fee will not be covered under the refund policy.

Only one domain on the higher tier

The expensive tires of Hostinger come with a free domain name. However, every domain after that purchase is going to cost you extra.

Do we recommend Hostinger hosting? 

Yes, Hostinger is highly recommended, irrespective of the size of the website. Here, you will be able to find hosting planning, suiting each type paired with numerous features. 

Overall, Hostinger is one of the most compelling web hosts with great uptime and response time.


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