Is WordPress Blog Free?

One of the aspects of WordPress that can confuse people is WordPress blog free. The answer can be complicated, which is probably why people get confused. A WordPress site can be free or can have some cost attached to it. But the WordPress software itself referred to as WordPress core is free and always will be. And this isn’t just about the financial cost of WordPress, it’s also free in the sense that you are free to amend and extend it and to use it as you wish.

As open source software, WordPress is a community project in which tens of thousands of people have made contributes to the functionality of the software that you now have access to. You can only imagine the difficulty that would result from attempting to sell software with so many contributors. Working out who would get what portion of the income produced for which contributions would be next to impossible.

5 Free WordPress Plugins

Digg Digg

There are a huge number of different plugins you can use to display social share buttons on your blog post. We’ve got a rooting interest in Digg Digg.Digg Digg was built by our Buffer engineers a couple years back, and it’s been a staple on the Buffer blog ever since.

Hello Bar

How to Create a Free Blog With WordPress

You’ve likely noticed the bright, orange bar welcoming you to the Buffer blog every morning. That’s the Hello Bar, an amazing tool for A/B testing different CTAs and power words and a pretty great tool for collecting email addresses.


We host the Buffer blog through Kinsta. We love Kinsta for their emphasis on speed and performance. Plus, they’re bloggers like us! With Kinsta, we get the typical great features of a modern-day web host (backups, restores, automatic WordPress updates) plus outstanding customer support. They made our blog migration as easy as pie.


Another plugin we keep in the toolbox (but you might not have seen lately) is MyTweetLinks. Think of this plugin as a soundbite source. You can enter a soundbite or quotable via the post editor, and this plugin will create a list of tweets to share and buffer at the end of your published post.


A few weeks back, we were itching to put a featured box email signup form on the home page of our blog. Before we found a custom solution, we explored the PlugMatter plugin. With PlugMatter, you simply insert a piece of code at the end of your header.php file, then you can design and customize your featured box right from within the PlugMatter interface inside WordPress. Hope you got an answer for is WordPress blog free, and also you can see 5 free WordPress plugins.


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