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It is clear that you, as a social media marketer, have to invest in the right resources to improve efficiency. But tools designed especially for the business are not fair to adhere to. The competitiveness of SEO software, mostly multi-purpose and able to inform all kinds of marketing activities, helps you to set your work apart.

As there are so many free SEO resources, you don’t have to spend massively in something you don’t know. We curated a list of several fantastic free social media marketers’ SEO software.

Google Trends

Google Trends Tool Guide | EgyptInnovate

You ought to foresee the future, if you want to be ahead of your rivals. You can do exactly that with our Google Trends app.

This website, as the name implies, will help you keep track of potential developments in your industry, so that you have a feeling of how the general interest in similar issues evolves over time. Google Trends allows you to have a clear idea about a multitude of search words and topics in a search range. In fact, you can also compare the interest changes for many search terms and subjects, making them one of the best free SEO resources.

You will get a feel of what the normal search volume might be for a subject all year or whether seasonal or special event adjustments are required.


Both the SEO’s and social media marketing activities are needed by BuzzSumo as a freemium content analytics tool. Your audience already understands the value of making new content. And you will include your viewers and push their fans to post their content while this subject is based on trends.

This is where BuzzSumo can assist you in creating fresh ideas the audience enjoys. When you search for content categories, you will be presented with data on the most popular content and the best trend stories on this subject.

This material can be used for brainstorming suggestions for new blog entries, infographics , videos and more. They will allow you to create important and existing material, which will be eaten and shared by your audience.


Each part of marketing needs a lot of analysis from competitors. SimilarWeb will help you investigate and assess your results and rating. It features a freemium platform with premium features and unique metrics. You should compare the measurements of traffic and interaction to the websites of rivals. Overall visits, page views per visit, bounce rate, and time on line can be seen. This will allow you to consider how your crowd gets against your competition.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another valuable SEO application that offers an analysis of the top keywords on the site, and can support several forms of digital signs. This tool will help you identify the common search words to improve your website and social media content. You can search by means of a particular subject term and discover common keywords and phrases.

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