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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most trending way to earn money from your home. As we all are in the pandemic Internet is one of the top trending in the world. Almost more than half of world’s population are on the internet so for those who wish to earn money from the internet Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective way you can accept. We have come up with some of the best affiliate marketing examples you can find in the internet that is for common people. You just need to sign in and start. In this article you will find some of the best examples of affiliate marketing that will surely full-fill your commission based needs and give you a chance to earn money from home. Let us check out some of the effective ideas below:

  • Amazon Affiliates:

Amazon Associates: How to Make $1000 a Month (Using SEO)

Well Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce store which has its operations all over the globe. If you count its biggest market that is India and USA which is occupied with almost 75% of its market. Amazon provides an opportunity for those who has interest in earning money through affiliate links. So if you are a complete fresher in this field then you can easily signup with the Amazon Affiliate website providing some of the basic information needed. Once you are set with the account you can now easily start choosing and filtering your own category as per your needs. The best part of the Amazon Affiliates is that you will get to choose from wide range of products and categories from where you can choose which products you wish to take the affiliate link from. Now as per the commission is concerned the prices varies from products and its selling price.

  • Esty Affiliates:

Etsy Affiliates - Reviews, News and Ratings

If you are looking for global reach of you affiliate based products and services then the Esty Affiliates is the best platform you can go with. It’s an american based eCommerce platform that primarily focuses on handmade and vintage products from all over the world. Well this might seem to you very less market share but as we all know for the love of vintage and rare items people can pay whatever they want. On the other hand they also have wide range of categories related to clothing, accessories such as bags, belts wallets etc, Jewelries and many more. So, overall its a great market place for all the affiliate enthusiasts to earn money based on commission.

We hope this article has given you enough information on the topic we have discussed that is affiliate marketing examples. There are yet many more other examples in the market but as per now we feel these two are the best in the market.

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