What is GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a web hosting service that was in 2008 and has the base was set up in California, USA. It was solely founded to provide web hosting packages from small business setups to midsize business setups. The name GreenGeeks has two separate meanings, in reality, Green stands for the love for nature and Geeks is for the technology enthusiast. So if these words are combined it means it designed to provide services and that same time take care of the environment.

This concept really makes it stand out from the rest of the big players like HostGator, GoDaddy, etc. Nevertheless, the internet community might not make GreenGeeks as the first choice of web hosting service provider but there is a good reason why you should try GreenGeeks as your next web hosting service provider and if you are looking for GreenGeeks then, without doubt, you can go for it. In this article we will tell explain how it works, the plans that are available and the support system.

Is it Green In Actual Practice?

This might be the number of doubt of many people when they hear about the company’s green policy because much of the organization don’t really practice what they preach. But GreenGeeks put the real practice and promises to put 300% of renewable source of the energy. We know that right now the is fighting to conserve energy because the earth is exhausting its supply to higher demands of energy, so renewable energy helps to cut down the carbon footprints thus saving a lot of energy in the process. It is estimated that it saves around 600,000 kilowatts of power every single year. That is a huge number and you can be sure that it does really contributes towards the betterment of the environment and the planet earth.


Users, Plans And Security

It is estimated currently it has 40,000 happy customers with more than 320,000 sites being hosted by it has its presence all over the globe. It is popular from small business to midsize setups, while has some catching up to do with the big players. But we don’t see it not happening sooner. The plans are cheaper and they also provide users to add multiple domains in the plans.

The starting plan starts at a minimal rate of 2.95 $ per month and offers useful features like unlimited data transfer and webspace. While the domain is free for the 1st year and comes with a free wild card SSL certificate. While the Pro plan is designed for websites that need more speed and resources that is why it has PowerCacher included in the plan along with 2x faster performance at a rate of 5.95 $, that misses out in the basic plan.

The Premium Plan is the best plan from GreenGeeks and will cost 11.95 $ per month and has features like free dedicated IP and 4X performances that miss out on the Basic and Pro Plans. If you have up and running websites with good average traffic, the Premium plan is the best deal. Every plan comes with dedicated Wildcard SSL and safe for online transactions.


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