Top 5 Advantages of Having WordPress for Bloggers

Many of the writers and bloggers are not aware on the HML codes or CMS where it makes it for them to make any changes that they want on their website. With the advanced technology and the best software’s, it is not much difficult by using the world best tool for website building where you don’t have to expert with codes or CMS. WordPress is said to be one of the best platforms for every blogger or any website owner where they can easily build their website without facing issues.

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Here are the top 5 advantages of having wordpress for bloggers


The best part about WordPress is that it is very easy to use and don’t at all complexed liked coding, WordPress has all covered. It is very flexible and can handle and make changes to your site the way you want. It is also possible to have an eCommerce site with WP.


The first and the most important step is making your website look beautiful and attractive due to which you can gain more and more of traffic. There are hundreds of paid and unpaid themes that you can use accordingly and easily change if you wish too.


One of the biggest advantages of having wordpress for bloggers is that can use plugins that can be used by every website owner with WordPress. Plugins are normally used when you need any feature to be added to your site for example you can use plugins to add Social Media Icons.

User Friendly

The best part about WordPress is that you can have to worried on little things and be tensed as this software is completely user friendly and not at all complex unlike coding. This software is highly recommended to very blogger and even for all the beginners.

Ranking Site

Last but not the least, how much every you work on site and content it is not considered until your site is ranking on the first page of Google. With WP tools and plugins, you can easily rank on the top, hence can gain more and more traffic.

These are the top 5 advantages of having wordpress for bloggers that can be used and work with ease. We hope you have liked this article and got all the info you have been searching for. Do share your views on how you found this article.

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