Simple 6 ways for link building in SEO

When you are willing to rank your web page or website, SEO plays an essential role. With all other SEO techniques one of the most important thing to focus on is generating links for your site. Here, we have simple ways that you can pick for ranking your page on google.

20 SEO Link Building Methods for 2020

Simple 6 ways for link building in seo

Asking for Backlinks – When you are looking for a way to get links then asking for them is the best way to do so. You can ask links from any of your friends or relatives or any other person who is into blogging. Always make sure to ask for links only from those people with similar niches only.

Building Connections – You can get more back links by building connections. All you have to do is to connect to people with similar niches of your website, draft a professional message and email them. You can also connect to them by various ways like commenting or connecting to other communities.

Testimonial Links – One more way in link building in seo is by generating testimonial links which is much better than emailing for backlink. You can get a chance to speak about the products or services the company has to offer and you can get a chance of getting testimonial links.

Blogging – Not only building external links is important but also having a good connection of internal linking is necessary. By having various original content on your blog, you can increase internal linking and for your site.

Trustworthy Directories – There are various directories that are available on net but are all good for your website? Honestly No, there are various directories that is blacklisted by google and building links from those sites can be pull down your site. So only build links from those directories that can you can be reliable upon.

Guest post – One more finest idea that you can choose to build links for your site is by guest post. There are multiple sites that you can pick but then choose only those sites that is related to your site or to the topic your have written. Always write a high-quality article to get a good response.

These are some of the best ways that you can pick for link building in seo that you must be performing. This way you can get much better results and fast ranking too.

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