Reviews of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga!

The new Ertiga is a huge step forward over the older car and there are a lot of reasons that why you should go for this car. It was launched in 2012. This car I 3 lakhs cheaper than its latest rivals in the market and has got various stylish features which makes it one of the coolest cars in the automobile industry.

Suzuki Ertiga still stands among the best cars in the world. The car is originally created by Japan and manufactured by them. It belongs to the class of Mini MPV and now it has been upgraded to compact MPV. The car is a 5 door wagon and has amazing features inbuilt. The initial preview of this automobile was done by Maruti in 2010 at an Auto Expo. Since then the car has been widely accepted by the world. The car was launched in India in 12 April 2012 and it was launched 10 days after in Indonesia.

This car is basically known for easy ingress and egress. This is another factor why you should go for this car. Ertiga is based on a monocoque chassis and the rear seat is placed at an ideal height. South Africa began experiencing this masterpiece from 2014 onwards. It is also known as Mazda VX-1 IN Indonesia. Maruti Ertiga is often related to Maruti Suzuki Swift and Maruti Suzuki Dzire. This giant is the most suitable for the joint families who love going for outings together. It is the best option if you choose to go on long rides with your family and friends.

The designer of this automobile is Hisanori Matsushima. Suzuki Ertiga is apparently known to be a power engine that can take up to 1.4L of petrol and 1.3L of diesel. The length of the car is about 4265mm, the breadth of the car is about 1695mm and the height of the car is about 1685mm. The Ertiga has also got a car which comes under it, which is known as Proton Ertiga.

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of this car. It offers a flat ride. This might compel you to put your idea of buying this car on hold. The first row, second row or the third row offers a pliant ride. You can feel some firmness but you can be assured of the fact that you will never feel uncomfortable.

If you are looking for an affordable seven-seater, then Ertiga is the best option for you. The seating is spacious, practical and also affordable. It comes with some clever engineering within and is available at the hatchback pricing. This is a decent car in the market which people are preferring to buy.


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