[clickToTweet tweet=”(Do not) assume the GDPR doesn’t apply to you because you’re located in the U.S. Being informed and prepared can put you in a good position to succeed in a post-GDPR affiliate marketing world. – Khris Thayer, CEO, OPTIZMO” quote=”(Do not) assume the GDPR doesn’t apply to you because […]

Our latest software update is now live and can be found under the “Reports” tab of your admin page. The AvantMetrics report tab gives merchants access to AvantMetrics reporting with similar function to our Performance Reports. Starting April 1st, this will be the only place this reporting is available. For those of you […]

If you've listened to much of my training, when it comes to showing you how to find affiliate products to promote quite often I personally refer to the Clickbank Marketplace. The reason I do this is because Clickbank approves virtually everyone (unless you are from Nigeria or some other country […]

Do you ever feel like each day that you walk into your office that there is a sea of fresh new faces? Have you ever felt like punching one of those eager little faces with all of their “innovative” ideas? Maybe just a quick nose flick to squash their general […]

It’s been a snowy couple months here at the AvantLink HQ in Park City, UT! We’ve launched some exciting programs in the last couple months from outdoor to health & wellness to electronics. Read on to learn about the new programs below! Outdoor/Recreation iKamper is a manufacturer of high quality, innovative outdoor gear. […]

Overnight Freedom is a brand new program being released in September 2019 by Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer and Sean Khang. It’s a powerful system for earning affiliate commissions from paid traffic, and it has a lot of unique twists that make it different to any other program out there. Here […]