Huawei Smartphones reviews

Until 2018, Huawei phones were not much known and used globally, but their recent outbreak in the technology market is absolutely a matter of concern. With the most premium design good triple cameras, Huawei became one of the best smartphone makers on global scale. They have a superb hardware and can definitely try once if you can get by without Google. After the recent ban on trade of Huawei phones with Google, there are still some HUAWEI phones which gives you access to Google and Play store apps.

The handset is still incredible even after a year which comes along with an amazing zoom camera, best display and also a long battery life. These are some of the top features which we always look for when we buy a smartphone. Isn’t it?

Currently, Huawei P30 Pro is considered the best piece from the smartphone giant. Its screen size is 6.47 inch and has a RAM of 8GB. The battery life is up to 4200mAh and you will also get a good camera with 40MP/20MP/8MP and also front camera of 32 MP. The eye catching design is the best feature you should always find in this smartphone. When it comes to low light photography, you can still click great shots and also it has 5x and 10x zoom. The low light capabilities are the top notch.

The display is only full HD and you can experience best quality videos in the best smartphone ever. The resolution of the videos is very good, bright, and clear and it provides a great canvas for all your apps and games. The battery life is excellent with about 30% power still left in the tank at the end of the day. It had set a new standard for the smartphones in the industry and also the best flagship smartphone.

Huawei smartphones are all-rounder brilliant smartphones. Once you buy them, they will offer you with a heady mix of best design, power and performance.


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