FatCow Web Hosting Review

Fatcow is one of the world’s leading hosting companies in the world and Not only that, but they are also delivering quality support to all their customers. Their plans are very cheap and have lots of benefits too. Along with that they also have a good customer support team. But there are a few a lot of people who claim that Fatcow is not what they claim to be and that their services are not that great.

Well, every company has some benefits and some malefic. So, let’s discuss about some of the Interesting Facts About FatCow Web Hosting.

Features of FatCow Web Hosting:


Fatcow has one of the best support staff in the world of Web hosting. Well, according to a lot of customers the support provided by them is not so great but we would like to say otherwise. We used the live chat option and within 4 minutes, a staff replied back to us and solved our queries.

At first, we just had a single query but soon those turned out to be multiple queries. But the most astonishing part is that the staff was solving our queries with any irritation and they stuck with us till our queries were over.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Nowadays, most web hosting providers provide this guarantee and most of them do return. Fatcow is another web host that refunds the money, if you don’t like their services. But you should also remember that there are a few parameters for that, firstly you will only get the money back if you out within the first 30 days of purchasing and secondly payment should be made through credit cards. They don’t even accept payment through PayPal.

Eco-Friendly Hosting:

They are no GreenGeeks but still, they provide eco-friendly web hosting. Fatcow also appears to be an EPA Green Power Partner and this makes their claims of being an eco-friendly web host provider pretty rock solid. They but a lot of Renewable Energy Certificates and these RECs are used to produce wind energy to offset their daily usage of energy at the workplace.

Low Uptime:

Unlike some of the well-known web hosts out there, Fatcow has quite a low uptime. Well in an average taken in a period of 6 months, the lowest uptime recorded was 99.86%. This does put a black spot on the uptime but this is not consistent and the rest other time it was above 99.93%. But uptime is quite an important factor and this should be looked at before choosing a web host.

So, these are some of the features of Fatcow. There are quite a lot of other similar facts but these seemed to be the major ones. Well, hopefully, the information provided here has been of help to you.


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