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The best blog length for SEO in 2019 is 1,705 Words. According to numerous studies over the last 10 years – Google’s algorithm prefers more content, when going head to head on shorter content posts – helping blog posts with over a 1,000 words do better on average – and driving up the average significantly. At minimum blog posts should have 300+ words, so that they aren’t considered ‘thin content’ on your website.

But it really depends on your website – here’s how to do the calculation.

When I did the ‘Top ten average method’ – this is what my formula looked like:

18,297 – (125×10) = 17,047 / 10 = 1,705 words

Find your top 10 organic posts in Google Analytics

1. First find your top 10 posts in search by filtering analytics by ‘Organic search’

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Bulk Web Page Word Counter

2. Then take your top 10 blog posts, and determine their lengths using the Bulk web page word count checker.

Find your best blog post length - article for 2019
Bulk check the length of articles to determine average

3. Determine the amount of content in your header, footer, and sidebar – for me I got 125 words so I subtracted that times ten (1,250) from the total of our top 10 blog post lengths combined (18,297).

Top 10 Blog post lengths combined MINUS (Header, Footer, Sidebar lenth x 10) = Corrected Total Top 10 Blog post length DIVIDED BY 10 EQUALS your best blog post length for 2019 using the Top ten average method.

What did you come up with using this method? I’d love to add to this post using the responses of people that read it – if you don’t mind taking 1 minute after you get your result and dropping it in the comments below.

If enough people respond, I can add some further content, rounding out some of this anecdotal research into a more in-depth piece of content. Many other articles from reputable sources seem to indicate this kind of level of effort is the new normal – here are 5 other conclusions for the best length for blog content (in the last couple years.)

1. Search Engine Journal – 1,900 Words
2. WesFed – 1,600 Words
3. Moz- Best length for SEO is BS
4. Satish Gonesh – 1,000 – 1,500 Words
5. Buffer – 1,600 Words

How to focus on quality rather than quantity

The most important piece of blogging – if you’re just joining the blogging community, or this SEO-focused subculture within the marketing community, is that you create content ‘of substance.’

What does creating content ‘of substance’ mean?

  • Try to introduce new concepts in each of the blog posts you put out – don’t just regurgitate facts that others have already shared. For instance, in this blog post I came up with the ‘top 10 average method’ because I new it would be easy to remember, and perhaps it would make the concept of coming up with a website specific ‘best blog post length’ easier for the average person.
  • Think about what kind of media would enhance the content experience – There are a wide array of things that could help your reader digest the concepts you’re sharing: Videos, memes, gifs, diagrams, graphs, infographics, quizzes, and calculators are just a few of them!
  • Really consider what the intent of people searching for the thing you are writing are looking for is – and how can you fulfill their need. One time I wrote a guide about ‘Conversion Rate Optimization‘  (the art of getting more visitors to do what you want on your website), and it got traffic for things related to ‘converting files / optimization’, and I dumbly started to modify the article to be a little better suited for that term by adding variations of the keyword that would get people to click – but the article didn’t fulfill that NEED. So people likely left quickly – didn’t have a good experience on the site, and that’s bad.

Overall – you want to try to increase traffic on your site, for things that you are actually the best at, and can help people with – not just mindlessly increase traffic for traffics sake.

Getting to 1,700 words – 5 ways to find additional points for your article:

There are so many ways to increase word count, and yes – if you’re wondering I’m feeling a bit of the pressure to make sure my article is as long as my ‘top ten average’ – so that this becomes one of my top posts as well. 🙂

But how does one do this without it feeling – forced  or contrived?

Enter – LSI Keywords to the rescue!


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