A2 Hosting: VPS Hosting Made Easy

A2 Hosting is a web hosting provider that is one of the most developer-friendly hosting services you will find on the planet. In a market that is littered with players claiming to offer the best or the easiest and the most affordable hosting services you will find out there, A2 is a genuine player that ranks among the top.

It offers many benefits and incentives to use like record-breaking speeds, award-winning customer support, plus optimized WordPress servers with cPanel access. They have regular offers as well, slashing prices by almost 50% in some cases and their commitment to uptime is commendable, having some of the best uptime records in the industry.

What is A2

Even among top web hosting services A2 is among the very few which focus on developer friendly hosting services and this means that regardless of the type of hosting you choose; you will get high-performance and reliable hosting.

A2 mostly specializes in VPS hosting and if you visit their website, they make it quite clear that is the case. Written in Bold on their website is, “Unmanaged VPS Hosting – Developer Friendly.” But they also offer other types like Shared and dedicated hosting services.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plans by A2 is among the fastest, if not the fastest, hosting service in the market. They offer a bunch of features like 5x and 7x PHP’s, My SQL and Apache among others. You have 3 Linux or Windows plans to choose from as well, regardless of whether it is Linux or Windows.

They offer Lite, swift and turbo plans and on purchasing a Linux plan, they also offer a branded version of the popular cPanel control panel. The Lite plan is an entry level plan that gets you hosting for one website and use of five databases. The swift plan offers a host of unlimited websites and offers you more resources. The turbo is the premium plan they offer giving you the option of hosting the sites on their Turbo servers.

VPS Hosting


As their website suggests, VPS hosting is one of the most important service they offer and the focus on VPS hosting shows. They offer 3 kinds of management in VPS hosting, managed, unmanaged and Core. Each of them has their own differences with the primary difference being the level of customisation that is offered.

And it does not end there. They also offer RAID10 storage along with their VPS service for the purposes of data redundancy and performance improvement. What this does is combine striping which increases speed with mirroring which increases reliability. But the size of the RAID10 drive however depends on the plan that you have chosen.

Dedicated Hosting

Although the focus is clearly on VPS, the company also offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers for those in search of web hosting for the fastest speeds and resource-intensive or highly-trafficked websites which get upgradable RAID1 storage.


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