5 Ways to do affiliate marketing on Instagram

Affiliate marketing is very prevalent in the world of digital marketing today. Because of its effectivity, many have taken advantage of social media to increase their presence in the competitive space of the World Wide Web. Of all the social media sites available, one of the most popular is Instagram. Because of its ease of use and real time updates, many social media users now tend to update their Instagram profiles more than other social media accounts. Here is the guide to how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing on Instagram? What is the idea behind it? It is a relatively new marketing tool that has already proven its’ effectiveness. An affiliate uses his resources, such as a blog or social media to promote services or products of a specific company. The company, in turn, pays the affiliate a commission from every sale made through them.

5 Ways to do affiliate marketing on Instagram

Create Unique Content

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Whenever we talk about advertising or marketing, it is clear that the content you provide must be unique. Stealing content from competitors is never a good idea. First of all, it can harm your SEO, but most importantly, it can ruin your reputation.

The same applies to marketing on Instagram. Moreover, it applies both to written and visual content. A content marketing expert and blogger Caitlin Hughes insist that since Instagram is a highly visual network, marketers have to pay special attention to the pictures they post.

Sponsored posts and paid ads

These are popular ways in which influencers make money on Instagram. Bigger accounts make more money per campaign and may need to invest less effort in finding brands to work with. Sponsored posts can include pre-paid campaigns, creating dedicated content per request, advertisements of products and places, and more.

Create a Killer Bio

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It is hard to overvalue the role of the account’s bio in the marketing campaign. This is the first thing that people see when they open your account. Thus, it is your chance to capture the user’s attention and make him or her want to subscribe to your page and check out what you share. It is vital to create a bio that catches attention and makes you stand out.

Use Google Adwords

Another excellent tool for increasing the number of followers is Google Adwords. This tool can give you many great benefits, including higher engagement, more clicks, more subscribers, etc. Google Ads offers a variety of advanced features that help users drive accurately targeted traffic without spending too much on the advertisement. Thus, it is a real dream of every marketer. However, it has a few small drawbacks.

Always Post Links On Your Instagram Account

Digital marketing is all about linking. And the same goes for affiliate marketing. As an influencer, it is your job to use Instagram to link to websites of products and services that you are trying to promote. But the tricky part is this: as of late, Instagram has yet to allow links to be posted on the caption of photos. Hope the above information is useful for how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram.


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